Placer Food Bank is on the front lines of emergency food response/distribution.
To help raise funds to support our emergency food response efforts, click here.

As we continue navigating the pandemic, we remain vigilant about food safety and do not accept food donations from individuals or from food drives. You may donate funds specifically dedicated for Placer Food Bank to purchase and distribute shelf-stable food, fresh produce, or kid-friendly snacks for our Kids Backpack program. Visit our fund + food donation page to learn more.

Placer Food Bank, an affiliate of Feeding America reached a milestone anniversary in 2020. We turned 50! When we first opened our doors in 1970 as the Community Resources Council, we never imagined growing into being the leading advocate and food distributor for hunger-relief in El Dorado, Nevada and Placer Counties. We also never imagined that we would be navigating through a pandemic during our 50th year – let alone continuing into 2021.

Our sights are set on the next 50 years and beyond. Placer Food Bank’s Future50 Project, launched on Hunger Action Day, September 10, 2020, is a community-driven campaign against hunger in El Dorado, Nevada and Placer Counties. Through education, public awareness and actionable steps for community members, current and future donors, corporate and business partners, we can work together to uplift our community, feed our hungry and expand our services to include more families and individuals in need.

The Future50 Project comes at a critical time when our community has been impacted by the pandemic and wildfires. It’s been tough locally for individuals and families who have been impacted by illness, losing a job, or sadly a home. Placer Food Bank works tirelessly with our hunger-relief and community partners to strengthen our ability to distribute life-sustaining perishable and non-perishable foods to address the growing need for food assistance – especially with emergency food response and distribution.

The Future50 Project will help us continue to serve our community for the next 50 years as the risk of hunger and food assistance needs multiplies before our eyes. We encourage you to join the Future50 Project and connect with all whom you know so we can all take a stand against hunger. Here are some meaningful ways you can get involved and be part of our future:

What we’ve accomplished for 50 years hasn’t been done alone. Our valued donors, dedicated staff, board of directors, volunteers, and community partners haven’t skipped a beat – all working together to help those in need of food assistance. If you’re just learning about Placer Food Bank, I invite you to get acquainted here.

Please join in. Get involved. Let’s help solve hunger together.

Dave Martinez

Executive Director


Our Mission:

To sustain communities by nourishing families experiencing food insecurity, educating the community about hunger, while advocating for hunger relief.

Our Vision:

To eliminate hunger.

We appreciate our donors, volunteers and community! Thank you for standing with us, stepping up, and coming together in the spirit of generosity and love to help us feed children, families, and neighbors. The need and our work continues . . . we can’t do it without YOU.