Placer Food Bank is on the front lines of emergency food response/distribution.
To help raise funds to support our emergency food response efforts, click here.

We are vigilant about food safety and do not accept food donations from individuals or from food drives. You may donate funds specifically dedicated for Placer Food Bank to purchase and distribute shelf-stable food, fresh produce, or kid-friendly snacks for our Kids Backpack program. Visit our fund + food donation page to learn more.

Feeding America Partnership, PFB Mission/Vision

Each day, our PFB team works diligently to strengthen our ability to provide access to healthy foods for people of all ages, genders, race, and ethnicities impacted by the pandemic, inflation, and/or natural disasters.

Placer Food Bank continues to witness increased hunger in our suburban communities and especially in remote and rural areas of the communities that we serve throughout El Dorado, Nevada and Placer Counties. We are mindful about the negative impact of those who experience high rates of chronic food insecurity and poverty.

Our goal is to uplift our community, feed our hungry, expand and improve our services so that we can reach more individuals and families so they can have food on their tables. Because of this, our organization is evolving, beginning with strengthening our infrastructure. We are growing a dedicated staff with expertise aligned with our mission. We have worked the past two years to upgrade our equipment for storing and distributing food. We are expanding our warehouse space by over 40,000 sq. ft. The expansion is possible through a grant from the California Department of Social Services. Construction begins late summer 2022.

Our work to provide food assistance cannot happen without the generous support of our staff and volunteers and through funding received through our valued community of individual, corporate, community and grant partners. I invite you to learn more about Placer Food Bank through information provided on our website, and also by going here.

Please join in. Get involved. Let’s help solve hunger together.

Dave Martinez

Executive Director

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Feeding America Partnership, PFB Mission/Vision:

Our Partnership with Feeding America: Since 1990, we have been a proud member of Feeding America. Feeding America is the largest charity working to end hunger in the United States. Through partnerships and advocacy, Feeding America works to create long-term solutions to hunger.

As a member-affiliate of Feeding America, we are part of a nation-wide network of 200 independent food banks, and are able to secure and distribute food and grocery products to our neighbors in need throughout our designated service area in El Dorado, Nevada and Placer Counties.

We are recognize and honor the importance of our designation and the high standards set by Feeding America across the food bank network. Our staff and volunteers work diligently to ensure that we are compliant with Feeding America’s best practices. Learn more about Feeding America here

Our Mission: To sustain communities by nourishing families experiencing food insecurity, educating the community about hunger, while advocating for hunger relief.

Our Vision: To eliminate hunger.

We appreciate our donors, volunteers and community! Thank you for standing with us, stepping up, and coming together in the spirit of generosity and love to help us feed children, families, and neighbors. The need and our work continues . . . we can’t do it without YOU.

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