Our Leadership Team

Dave Martinez

Executive Director

Supporting Staff

Carlee Weston, Executive Assistant

Melanie Watts, Executive Assistant

Jorge Lupercio

Director of Operations

Jeff Pinkerton, Associate Director of Operations

Mike Duvall, Warehouse Manager

Debbie Sanassarian, Agency Relations

Johnny Chavez, Associate Director of Programs

Sienna Anaya-Vasquez, CalFresh Manager

Margaret Ordoñez De Barraicua, CalFresh Coordinator

Shatonia Chavez, Program Support Specialist

Grace Wakelee-Lynch, Volunteer Coordinator

Jeremy Tafua, Volunteer Support Specialist

Dillon Peiters, Procurement & Analysis Specialist

John Dynes, Lead Food Sourcer

Lisa Heinrich

Director of Development

Gerad Borrego, Fundraising Engagement Manager

Alex Romo, Database & IT Manager

Cam Blair, Donor Database Specialist

Andrea Guy, CPA

Director of Finance & Administration

Renee Dowd, Office Admin

Monique Valencia, Payroll & HR Specialist

Brenda Brill, Accountant

Melody Tabada, Grant Accountant