Placer Community Gardens Program

Connecting and Collaborating to End Hunger


The Placer Community Gardens Program aims to build grass-roots, community-oriented solutions to feeding and nourishing those in need. Our gardens provide open spaces and improve individual and community confidence. They bridge the divide between backgrounds, ages and abilities, by creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy and education. They promote local, organically grown food, healthy and active lifestyles and safer, well taken care of communities.

There are seven Community Gardens that partner with the Placer Food Bank. We are committed to educating children by giving them positive ways to improve their health and the environment, through a variety of volunteering opportunities and hands-on workshops. Our gardens provide students with activities that will make a positive difference, and allow them to be part of the solution to a community need.

Program Facts

The Placer Community Gardens Program was officially launched in 2012 with a single garden at Sierra Christian Church. The garden harvest that first year totaled more than 300 pounds.

Today the program harvests more than 67,000 pounds of fresh produce a year and includes partnership with more than 14 local growers and garden sites.

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