Lawyers vs. Hunger to match your donations

Lawyers vs. Hunger to match your donations

Be a part of this year’s fight against hunger as six local law firms have teamed together to provide up to 120,000 meals locally. Join us in the 2017 Meal Challenge!

This year, Medina McKelvey, Merus Law, the Law Office of Geoffrey M. Hash, Ochi Law, Boutin Jones, and the Holden Law Group invite you to join their efforts in the fight against local hunger. Together, we can make a positive difference in our communities by feeding the hungry.

In 2014, Medina McKelvey LLP started the challenge and was able to provide 12,770 meals to those in need in our community. In 2015, Medina McKelvey teamed with Merus Law, and we were able to provide 56,700 meals. In 2016, Medina McKelvey, Merus Law and the Law Offices of Geoffery M. Hash were able to provide 84,000 meals for our community.

This year we welcome the Holden Law Group, Ochi Law, and Boutin Jones as additional law firm partners to the challenge.

Be a part of this year’s fight against hunger and help six local law firms provide up to 120,000 meals locally.

Using the donation link below, you can make your donations directly to Placer Food Bank in any amount and Lawyers vs Hunger will match your donations dollars.



A passion for service…

Since Medina McKelvey’s formation, the firm has been committed to providing assistance to those in need through its donations to and involvement in various local, national, and international charitable organizations. One of the firm’s attorneys’ biggest passions is helping the hungry in their own backyard by donating to local food banks.

If you would like your law firm to participate in the 2018 challenge, please contact Medina McKelvey LLP. Together we can fight hunger and make a difference in our community!